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Milton Keynes Lib Dems

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Putting people first - MK Lib Dem 2022 Local Election Manifesto

March 18, 2022 4:37 PM

Putting people first.

Listening, caring, and working for the people of Milton Keynes.

Liberal Democrat local election manifesto 2022.

(Click here to download a copy)

Milton Keynes Rose in Campbell Park

The Liberal Democrats value liberty, equality, and community. We exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society. This is our vision for Milton Keynes. This is why, since the last elections, the Liberal Democrats have been listening to residents, caring for them and working for them.

The Liberal Democrats are preparing now for our city's future. We want enough affordable housing so that our children's children can still call Milton Keynes home, and we'll make sure infrastructure comes first. We want to regenerate our historic towns, while putting our city at the heart of the Oxford to Cambridge Arc. We'll protect our green spaces and improve connectivity for the future, because we want a better Milton Keynes for future generations.

For the past year we have been united in a Progressive Alliance with Labour to run Milton Keynes Council. We put people before politics, to make sure that our city has a prosperous, green, and fair recovery from the pandemic, and to take our city forward. We stuck to our priorities and were able to deliver on our promises for the people of Milton Keynes.

We fought back against the Tory government's heartless cut to Universal Credit, their unfair voter ID plans and undemocratic initial planning proposals that would have silenced residents.

We've helped set up community food larders and a school uniform recycling project to help tackle child poverty and put together a budget that has nearly £19 million for mental health support for children and adults and over £18 million of financial support to help struggling residents.

Cllr Robin Bradburn

Cllr Robin Bradburn

We've invested nearly £500,000 extra for footpath repairs, and an extra £50,000 for road sign replacement. Our budget has more money for fixing potholes and tackling pests and fly-tipping.

We welcomed Afghan refugees to Milton Keynes last summer by organising volunteers and donations and campaigned against violence against women and girls by bringing a motion on the White Ribbon Campaign to Full Council, setting up domestic abuse training for all councillors.

But we cannot stop there. If the Liberal Democrats ran the Council, we would build more truly affordable homes and council homes in neighbourhoods we can be proud of.

We would support our local families and children, and fight for better health and social care. We would invest in our city's bold economy, and make sure that Milton Keynes goes green.

If you want a Council that listens to its residents, one that cares for and works for them, vote Liberal Democrat on 5 May 2022.

Cllr Robin Bradburn, Leader of the Liberal Democrats on Milton Keynes Council

We delivered on what we promised in 2021

For the past year we have been united in a Progressive Alliance with Labour to run Milton Keynes Council. We put people before politics, to make sure that our city has a prosperous, green, and fair recovery from the pandemic, and we were able to deliver on what we promised in 2021.

What we promised in 2021

How we delivered

Reduce child poverty Launched homework plus clubs across the borough, with 960 places made available, and progressed 10 community food larders, with even more in discussion.
Set up a school uniform recycling project, providing uniforms for under £20 to more than 300 households.
Started a pilot childcare deposit scheme to help parents and carers return to work.
Invested 1 million pounds in a new permanent home for local charities, including those that work to tackle poverty, such as MK Food Bank Xtra and Baby Basics MK.
Tackle unaffordable housing and homelessness Set up a Local Housing Company, which has the potential to deliver thousands of sustainable, high-quality houses, including council housing, affordable rents, and other low-cost affordable housing.
Adopted a landlord accreditation scheme, to promote and reward best practice.
Dedicated £228,00 to improving the planning service, including setting up a planning academy to help recruit and retain the best planners.
Help our children and young people Funded a new role in the School Improvement team to help academies improve their standards.
Provided over 30,000 hours of activities and 28,000 healthy meals for children and young people as part of the Summer of Play in 2021 and guaranteed £250,000 to run a second Summer of Play in 2022.
Launched a care leavers deposit scheme to help young adults leaving care into the property market, following a motion by Liberal Democrat Councillor Marie Bradburn.
Created the new role of Youth Mayor and empowered the Youth Cabinet, so we can encourage more young people to engage with local democracy.
Supported local projects that help prevent young people from getting involved with anti-social behaviour and knife crime with £350,000.
Fight for better health and social care Funded 2 dementia nurses to support families across the borough and began the process of making Milton Keynes a dementia friendly city.
Invested £19m in children's and adult's mental health support in our budget.
Funded a Changing Place accessible toilet facility at Milton Keynes Central Library following a motion by Liberal Democrat Councillor Jane Carr.
Campaigned for opt-out HIV testing at Milton Keynes University Hospital A&E by lobbying the Health Secretary.
Look after our neighbourhoods On track to fix 7,500 additional potholes and install 20 smart bins and 75 dual bins across MK.
Started the process of rolling out wheeled bins, following a motion by Liberal Democrat Councillor Kerrie Bradburn, which will help bring cleaner streets and increased recycling.
Hired 5 new litter wardens to issue offenders with on-the-spot fines.
Clamped down on fly-tipping with our Action Plan, reducing rates to the lowest in 4 yrs. Pushed for flood wardens to be trained to help protect local homes from floods and fought for waterways to be dredged and drains to be cleared.
Lobbied for better resourcing for Milton Keynes' police, demanding answers as to when they will receive the resources they so desperately need.
Improve and innovate our public transport Secured 32 million pounds for a new fleet of electric buses.
Improved the MK Connect Service, which now has an average satisfaction rating of 94%, and won the UK Bus Award for Technology and Innovation in November 2021.
Launched an electric car share scheme in partnership with Enterprise.
Rebuild the local economy & keep a balanced budget Passed a no cuts, balanced budget that puts residents and services first. Our £200m budget includes:
• Over £18 million of financial support to help struggling residents
• A pothole and road resurfacing programme worth nearly £3.5 million
• Half a million pounds to help residents during the energy crisis
• More funding for stamping out litter and fly-tipping and tackling pests
Extended the Economic Recovery Plan to over 3 million pounds, supporting over 900 businesses and 2,350 residents.
Invested 360k in our high streets, 85k to support female entrepreneurs and 35.7k in a Dragons Den style scheme to help local entrepreneurs.
Backed local businesses by distributing over £74 million worth of grants.
Helped victims of domestic abuse return to work with a £66,000 investment in support services.
Create a carbon neutral Milton Keynes by 2030 Began planting 500 trees for the Queen's Green Canopy, as part of celebrations for HM The Queen's Platinum Jubilee.
Increased wildflower verges throughout the borough.
Invested 70k to help businesses go green working with the National Energy Foundation.
Secured millions of pounds of funding to boost the energy efficiency of hundreds of local homes.
Brought forward a motion supporting the Local Electricity Bill, which if made law would allow local communities, businesses and organisations who generate their own renewable electricity to sell it to local people.

The Liberal Democrats have been listening to our residents. Liberal Democrats care, and Liberal Democrats will work for you.

Here's how we'll do it:

Create neighbourhoods we can be proud of

Build affordable housing for the next generation

Invest in our city's resilient economy and balance the Council's budget

Provide support for local children, families, and communities

Create a green Milton Keynes

Fight for better health and social care